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10 Best Amazing Affiliate Marketing Blogs



best 10 Amazing Affiliate Marketing Blogs

This lockdown is the perfect time to build your affiliate game. You can use all the extra time to develop a deeper understanding of affiliate marketing. Blogging for affiliate marketing is all about observation, constant monitoring, and taking proactive steps. You can follow some of the successful blogs to learn pro tips in this business. Big names like Shoe Money, Mathew Woodward, and John Chow are always active in their blogs. You can even learn a thing or two every time you browse on their blogs. In this post, we present 10 Amazing Affiliate Marketing Blogs you need to check out in 2020.

Best Sites To Learn Blogging for Affiliate Marketing

AffiliateTip: Affiliate Marketing Blog and News

Shawn Collins is the title supporting the AffiliateTip blog. Through this site, the specialist shares his experience and expertise in affiliate marketing. His two years of expertise abilities the website content. His understanding and know-how of affiliate advertising are immense.

Alpha Investors: We Buy, Sell And Build Online Businesses

This site covers purchasing and selling sites to content and email advertising. They provide live case studies for viewers to learn from. The place is ideal for its readability and minimalism. Additionally, it’s responsive to selecting devices such as cellular, tablet computers, and laptops. They do detailed guides on various topics and markets regarding affiliate marketing. The products provided by the group are Affiliate sites and Affiliate marketing site providers.

IAmAttila : Affiliate CPA Marketing Tips

As its name implies, Attila is the entrepreneur and specialist behind this site. He fought very hard in his first days of developing a passive income. After being done with his 9 to 5, he also started his journey towards affiliate marketing. In his website, he shares his own firsthand experiences and some interior information within this discipline. He places plenty on Google advertisements, internet affiliate marketing, and articles advertising. In any case, he writes arbitrary articles regarding electronic outsourcing.

John Chow

Chow’s website covers everything from blogging to automobiles to fine dining to tech. He does some interesting and informative video uploads. There is a dedicated segment for ‘Featured Articles’ as well. Besides running this active blog, John Chow also has a Youtube Channel. He publishes videos frequently on Youtube, which guarantees an excellent level of action. From the affiliate area, John Chow is a celebrity. In a brief stint, he’s in a position to up his blogging earnings to $40k a month. Two or three years before, even he was a complete beginner in this field. His tips and advice help supercharge your online match.

Luke Kling

The blog tagline begins with ‘learn everything about affiliate marketing’. They are so clear about being an affiliate marketing blog. Learning the trade is comfortable with its traffic source guides and case study archives. With the help of the ever-growing community, you know a whole lot about the business. The man behind this blog, Luke Kling, has been in the business since 2004. He has seen the internet and the industry grow in the last two decades.

Mathew Woodward

Mathew Woodward is probably known by everybody who is into affiliate marketing. On every topic, one of his Youtube videos pops up. His videos enjoy millions of views and the right amount of engagement. He is also a famous blogger who writes on SEO, SMM, blogging, and more. He promotes his blog via social media and email marketing. His blog features beginner guides, case studies, and affiliate tips. He shows you everything from setting up a blog to boosting web traffic and improving your SEO. The case study archive is a goldmine for aspiring affiliate marketers who are just starting.

MobIdea Academy

Mobidea Academy covers top stories in technology and educates affiliates on some of the pro tips. The network encompasses three significant products – MobIdea Academy, Mobidea Push Ads, and Mobidea Spy Tools. The Academy updates tips and guides about up and coming affiliate marketing strategies. The Spy Tools helps visitors to gain critical insights into the competition.

Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn’s website is categorized as the smart passive income blog. The author is one of the many victims of the recession of 2008. He turned his fortunes around by powering his website into a passive income stream. On his blog, he discloses tools and techniques that helped him create a passive income stream. He devises some of the super-smart strategies for effective online marketing. It includes providing value, earning trust, promoting products you believe in, etc.…

Shoe Money

Jeremy Shoe Money is possibly the biggest name in Affiliate marketing. People travel half the world to meet his events and conferences. Through his blog, you can come across his journey and old school marketing techniques. Shoe Money has been in the business for a long time. He is a blogger, marketer, and an MMA fan. On top of it, he is a super successful entrepreneur. His blog enjoys a loyal following of over 30k readers and ranks in Technorati’s top 50 for the last three years. Here is a man who walked the talk by raking up millions and millions in affiliate riches year after year.

Shout Me Loud

It is one of the most resourceful affiliate marketing blogs on the internet. Harsh Aggarwal, a techie, and marketer from India, let you in on his top tips. Being a techie, he exhibits the theme in all of his posts. The blog is about blogging, AdSense, affiliate marketing, domains, and hosting. His tutorials on WordPress are worth in gold. Being a hardcore techie, he provides tech tips that are not often seen in other blogs on the list.

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